BAI’s Civic Engagement Program

The Bureau des Avocats Internationaux (BAI) and the Institute for Justice & Democracy in Haiti (IJDH) are a partnership of Haitian and U.S. human rights advocates guided by Haitian perspectives and priorities and working towards Haitian solutions. BAI and IJDH seamlessly combine advocacy in a poor, transitional country with that in stable, wealthy countries in order to effect change. BAI in Haiti is driven by grassroots groups, Haitian clients and partnering activists. IJDH in the U.S. follows BAI’s lead and provides scores of organizations, activists, lawyers and political leaders abroad with meaningful and effective ways to contribute to human rights in Haiti.

BAI’s Civic Engagement Progam (CEP) is a new initiative that harnesses the capacity of low-income communities to create lasting change through enforcing their human rights. With CEP, lawyers from BAI train community members in human rights advocacy and law, with special emphasis on the constitutional rights to education and health. With this knowledge, these community members will lead meetings and workshops in their communities in order to analyze the conditions of their human rights and develop strategies for claiming their rights.

This blog will chronicle the progress of CEP and provide information on grassroots efforts to secure human rights in Haiti.


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