BAI Inspires Students with Seminar on Human Rights and Justice in Haiti

May was a great month for human rights collaboration at the BAI office in Port-au-Prince. From presentations by human rights legends to student delegation visits, there was a strong focus on examining human rights problems in Haiti, and working together towards solutions.

One of the most memorable presentations came from BAI’s Managing Attorney Mario Joseph, who treated a group of students from Centenary College of Louisiana to a passionate talk on BAI’s Civic Engagement Program and the struggle for human rights in Haiti. Two of these students shared their reflections on the visit and their appreciation for those who are fighting for justice in Haiti, despite the odds and lack of recognition.

image (4)

Mario Joseph hosts Centenary College of Louisiana students in his office

Centenary College junior DeiAnna Hall wrote, “People like him inspire me to become a person who looks to help, not for the sake of myself, but for those who aren’t fortunate enough. With so many corrupt things going on in this world and especially in Haiti, I find the BAI to be a blessing. So, as in the [words of] Mario Joseph, for whenever there is an attempt to stop the advancement of people and the community, “Nou la,” which means “We’re here.”

Junior Rebecca Thompson echoed these thoughts, writing, “I learned that in Haiti every project should include community building. Whether it is science, philosophy, law, or any other discipline, community is central for projects to be successful here. Mario Joseph works very hard to be close to the people he wants to help and to respect what they need and want . . . Mario Joseph helped to kick that ball down the mountain, now it is gaining momentum. I will always think of him when I reach the next mountain.”

Centenary Visit

Centenary Students pose with Mario Joseph and their Philosophy Professor Chris Ciocchetti outside of the BAI


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